Immaterial Tickets

What's the difference between e-tickets and immaterial tickets?

Neither ticket may have a material form, but with e-tickets (electronic tickets) this is intended as a means to save money and trees. Immaterial tickets were intended to have a material form but have since lost all or part of it through quirks in time and space. It happens.
Our regular physical tickets feature the exact same design on the front and back except the front includes our name logo and the back includes terms and conditions. Otherwise the front and back are 100% identical.

These tickets can be easily held in hand or stored for safe keeping.

Immaterial tickets may appear different on the front and back, assuming it still has a front and back; sometimes the back vanishes, making it almost impossible to find if previously placed face-down.

More broadly, any ticket that exists in multiple places or times at once is usually an immaterial ticket.
As long as you can hold the ticket in hand, you may redeem your ticket at the box office just like a regular ticket moored to this reality. In certain circumstances, we may have to realign our theater system to accept your unique ticket.
Contact our Stage Manager via email for assistance and ask what to do with it!